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Hello, there. I am Frisca Delfia from Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelago country of Southeast Asia. I am writing this letter for some purposes, one of them is to get a help from someone there in UK who wants to bring me my dreams. My dreams to take an education in United Kingdom. You know why I choose London? Because… honestly I always dream to be there meet everybody whom use you know, “British Accent” which I have always dreamed that I can do the same thinnk like that because I think that is very cool. London I think it is the most, yeah… My other reason is because I want to go to Emirates, watching my favourite team game. I love Arsenal…

I am now 16 years old going to be 17 on June 24th. I am not come from a rich family, that’s why I am writing this letter. I read on internet that life in a city in Europe is very hard, the life cost is very expensive and one is the most expensive is London city. My destination is London that is what always I suggested to my brain, my feeling, my soul everything about something maybe ‘impossible’ to happen for me I suggested it everyday, I just knowed that some suggestion are very good to make the dreams come true.

I am not something at my school, I am not also a popular girl. But I just know exactly I am the girl who has the biggest dream than my other friends at school. My talent, if you ask me about that I have no specific talent which I very good with them. But I am sure anyone who wants to hear my voice would says “WAW, you have such a beautiful voice!” I want bet for that. I also love theatre, I am good enough in act like an actress. Some of my friends used to tell me that when I was in theatre extracurricular at school.

I still looking for informations about how to checked in a university in UK. I am in science direction at school, that’s why I always wanted to be a dentist. But as far I know, I better choose Economic direction if I decided to take school out of my country or in foreign country. As far as I know the cost to study in UK is very expensive, and I have no someone to live with in UK. I hope a kind person wants to give me a chance there. Help me checked and choose a university in UK, help me in financial, give me a place, or at least (s)he can help me on everything I really need.

I will be graduate on June 2013, and before that come I have to know my destination. I have to know where I will take my education. And as far as I know I have to get London before I get 19 years old, 19 are still very young and I always want to go there at my young age. In my young age I still can learn many things about something that I haven’t know.

Now I know I need to have foster parents or foster family who would help me such as: information, place, financial, and the most important thing is they can accept me kindly and could accept me with everything I have because I won’t to be someone else, I am who ever I am. If you are from UK and want to give me a hope, please…. send me something usefull.

If you want to know me further, you can send me e-mail at : friscadelfia@gmail.com or my facebook http://facebook.com/frisca.delfia also my twitter @friscadelf and my google+ ‘friscadelfia’.

Here is my short CV:


Full Name : Frisca Delfia
Nick Name : Frisca
Born : Batam, June 24th 1995
Hobbies and Interests : Singing, watching tv, browsing

‘From a girl who is now waiting for a hope’

Full Name : Frisca Delfia
Nick Name : Frisca
Born : Batam, June 24th 1995
Hobbies and Interests : Singing, watching tv, browsing

3 Tanggapan to "About friscadelfia"

halooo….. slam kenal yau…
kunjungi balik y

ya, semangat trus buat nge-blog..
karena content yang kamu posting rata2 menarik tuk dibaca..
sukses slalu,

hi, fris ^^ blognya bagus,, hanya perlu di update aja harianya,, ^^
aku suka info infonya yg menark 😀


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