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10 Ordinary Things Change to Luxury Because Gold Plate

Posted on: Mei 19, 2012

Outbreaks of gold increasingly rampant, more and more people – people use gold for anything other than jewelry, something that is sometimes underestimated. This makes gold more usefulness is not limited to – the particular case, not only in kind, but gold can also be eaten, made facials and even swallowed as a pill …

10. Golden Backpack

Billionaire Boys Club Golden Backpack

If you are very wealthy, Billionaire Boys Club backpack may be suitable for your gift to your child .. (unless you do not want your child kidnap) at a price of $ 1,650 / 14.5 million rupiahs (nearly equal to the price of gold bullion). Make sure everyone will be amazed at the turn golden glow your backpack.

Nb: Rupiah is Indonesia’s currency

9. Gold For Dessert

Grand Opulence Sundae

With a name like the name of god, “Grand Opulence Sundae” was U.S. $ 1000 (9 million rupiahs). Take a deep breath and enjoy dessert with ingredients: vanilla ice cream 5 tablespoons of beans from Tahiti and Madagascar, 23 carat gold leaves of an edible, rare and Amedei Porceleana Chuaco chocolate chunks, candied fruit Paris, Marzipan cherries, truffle, dragets gold, and a bowl of Grand Passion Caviar. Ice cream sundae is served in a baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet with 18-carat gold spoon of sugar flowers and gold. But you can not rush – rush to get to taste it because your order will be ready within 48 hours.

8. Gold Shoes

24 Carat Nike Shoes

Ken Courtney, brand designer Just Another Rich Kid, created Nike Shoes from 24 carat gold. at a price of $ 5,405 (48, 6 million rupiahs).

7. Gold Sushi

Gold Sushi

In the Philippines, a Manila-based chef who creates five pieces of sushi entrée consists of luxe. Although sushi is using the same materials with sushi in general, but the food is wrapped with a thin ribbon of 24 carat gold and diamond Africa. With a price of $ 2750 per serving, make sure you do not leave the gold and diamonds.

6. Gold Facial

Gold Facial

Originally created in Japan, with a facial 24 carat gold layer. Very luxurious spa treatments can tighten skin and reduce wrinkles. The cost for all of about U.S. $ 500.

5. Gold Toilet

Hang Fung’s Gold Toilet

Tourists from all over the world will stop in Hongkong to see the toilet Hang Fung’s 24 carat gold plated. Throne shiny gold is accompanied by other equipment on this toilet. With the cost of making about 5 million U.S. dollars, people will rely more excited to take pictures there, rather than sit.

4. Gold Vibrator

Leona Yva’s 18 Carat Gold

Lelo Yva’s 18 karat gold at a price of $ 2,580, making a living without a partner to be very expensive …

3. Barbecue Grill Gold

Barbecue Grill 24 Carat

Barbeque grills and is made of 24 carat gold plated for $ 12.500.

2. Gold Coffin

Gold Coffin

With the issue of end of 2012, people began to wonder whether life after death really exist and if not, what preparation they need to do. If you die before the end of the world, you may consider to be buried with lavish gold casket valued at $ 381,000 complete with mobile phones. Why do people need a cell phone dead in his grave, no one knows definitely good, but perhaps they are more likely to want to watch. If you already bought it, then you will occupy the same list with King Fira’un, James Brown or even Michael Jackson.

1. 24 Carat Gold Pill

Gold Pill

Knowing people like to eat everything that is luxurious, Tobias Wong and Ken Courtney Rich Kid took the opportunity to make a pill made from gold. 24 carat gold pill was created for “those who have everything”. With a price of $ 425 printed on the pill, you would think that these pills can make you feel to someone special.

source: http://aksesdunia.com/2012/10-benda-biasa-yang-jadi-mewah-karena-disepuh-emas/

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